Rules Review - Schedule and Stakeholder Engagement

Rules Review Schedule

C.R.S. 24-4-103.3 (SB14-063) requires: Each rule-making agency or official shall provide public notice on the agency's official website of its review of the rules, give the public an appropriate opportunity to provide input, and notify other state agencies that may have jurisdiction over the subject matter of the rules to allow for collaboration and input. Based on this review, the rule-making agency or official shall determine whether the existing rules should be continued in their current form, amended, or repealed.  If the rule-making agency or official decides that a rule should be amended or repealed, the rule-making agency or official shall comply with the notice and hearing requirements of section 24-4-103.

Program Rule number/series in the CCR as maintained by the Secretary of State, which include rules promulgated by any part of the department. Schedule of Rules Review Pursuant to SB 14-063 Criteria Status  Notices 
Credit Unions 3 CCR 703-3 Credit Unions 2020/2021 Fiscal Year Completed


Savings and Loans 3 CCR 703-1 Savings and Loans Associations 2020/2021 Fiscal Year Completed  
Life Care Institutions 3 CCR 703-2 Life Care Institutions 2020/2021 Fiscal Year Completed  

Stakeholder Engagement Protocol

Please review DORA's Early Stakeholder Engagement Protocol.

For questions about rules and stakeholder engagement for the Division of Financial Services specifically, please contact 303-894-2336 or email: DORA_FinancialServices@state.co.us.

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